Head Girls's Message

Session: 2021-22

A leader’s capability is tested by how well they work in crisis and there’s no better example than this year when it came to exemplifying the term ‘crisis’. Schools had to be closed due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, and we had to shift all our work to the online platform. From the selection to the ceremony where I officially swore as the representative of the school, it was all so overwhelming

This year was definitely a notable one since it was the 25th year of this wonderful institution, the silver jubilee of the school that gave us unforgettable golden memories. It was indeed unprecedented and thus we had the opportunity of learning even more. The fact that it was and had to be all different from what it had been until now, is what makes my experience as the Head Girl even more exceptional.

Although we were the face of the institution for one whole year, it was actually our encouraging teachers and the diligent CCA coordinators who helped us to put up such appreciable work. It would have been arduous to coordinate if we were not guided precisely.

I would certainly carry this experience of being the Head Girl of such a prestigious institution forward and would surely be more fine in all the skills that I learnt while holding this position. I would also like to tell my juniors that being the best doesn’t makes you stand out, but being unique does.

Believe in yourself, have faith that you can and you will. There’s nothing that you cannot achieve, and that was something I learnt all through this journey.


(Class - XII D1)
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