Head Boy's Message

Session: 2018-19

“Every person is born with leadership skills but to make it come true it requires a lot of efforts, efforts that make a person, one in a hundred or, one in a thousand, or in a lakh and so on....”

Hello everyone my stint as a Head Boy is not going to be easy that I very well understand but one thing i very well know that if, i have been chosen as the ‘Head Boy’ then there is something special about me which gave me this opportunity to be one in a thousand.

A Head Boy needs to be a balanced in his student life because he is expected to be so; he has to live up to the expectations of his teachers and the institution.

According to me Head Boy is a leader who is full of etiquettes, moral values, principles, and ability to understand people and most importantly lead.

For me my primary rule is to bring out real potential of the students to excel in all the aspects of school life, whether in academics sports or CCA. I strongly believe in this since APS, Allahabad has given me this opportunity to make a difference as there is no space for individual gladiators either a whole team wins or loses there is no space for individual achievement alone.

I understand that my role as a head Boy requires immense responsibility but the old adage of ‘truth alone triumphs’ will be my guiding light as i am eager to carry out each responsibility with sincerity and enthusiasm. No doubt this is a path of fire but i love to walk this path.

For a great leader there is always a great institution like IMA which produces leaders like Field Marshal Sam Maneksaw, Field Marshal K.M. Kariappa, similarly for me it’s my great Institution my school APS, Allahabad.

Lastly, I would just like to say that whenever you achieve something in life remember that you have achieved that thing on shoulders of parents, elders, well wishers, friends etc. Who have stood and allowed you to stand on their shoulder to reach the heights.

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