Message from the School Captain

Session: 2018-19

“Leader is the one who know the way, goes the way and show the way”

It is an honour and privilege to be appointed as the school captain of Army Public School for the Academic year 2018-19. It is a matter of pride and joy to have been given the unique opportunity to render our services to the school through such prestigious office entitlements. So, i take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our Principal Maam and Respected Teachers.

Educating children is not the main issue, but educating them in style, instilling into them a positive attitude towards life should be the primary task. For this purpose schools plan extracurricular activities practical laboratory education, sports etc. However, to add on to these, there is another aspect which creates a platform of practically and creativity amongst students and that is the school Magazine! Through the school magazine student get a chance to not only express their views, but also bring closeness among the school fraternity, since the Magazine is an amalgamation of thoughts of both the students and their teachers.

I truly feel that we must all endeavour in contributing our best towards the making of our School, a name to reckon with, by not only excelling in our studies but through our willing participation in various school activities which will eventually create a name of our Alma mater.

I feel proud to say that during my eleven years in APS, Allahabad, I have been taught to have faith in Almighty and in myself to face a challenge with hustle and will power. Now that i have been given the responsibility of a school Captain I am endowed with an unquenchable thirst to make a huge difference, along with the office bearers and fellow students where in I intend to learn, teach and lead by example.

It humbles me as the School Captain to promise to uphold, maintain and enhance the glory and prestige of the school by unflinching support of entire school fraternity, unperturbed diligence and unrestrained determination.


(Class - XI D)
Session: 2016-17