Sports Captain's Message

Session: 2018-19

“You don’t inspire your teammates by showing how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing how amazing they are.”

It brings me great honour to introduce myself as the sports captain for academic year 2018-19.

A key attribute of this position is representation, the act of speaking and acting on behalf of someone. I feel that so adequately represent something, you have to have a good understanding of it. This opportunity allows me to approachable to everyone as i have created good relationship across many areas of school, it increases my opportunity to understand and prompt issues that may arise.

“Good leaders are good communicators” and this involves both speaking and listening. Demonstrating this ability will help me better understand requirement of the role while building greater relationship between myself and the staff.

The sports leadership roles are more than just a badge and title to me. It’s a great feeling when you get a badge and sash but on the other side from that day onwards you should start serving to your school and peers.

By employing a servant-leader outlook, I would share power with student leadership body, put others need first and wherever possible assist students to perform at their highest level. Acting as a servant leader I will focus on the growth of students, which compliments my ideas about delegation, responsibility and accountability. Leadership is not set and forget, delegation is about empowerment of other, not about giving away control. When tasks are manageable it makes it easier for me to set priorities and better manage my time and resources.

A captain should embody 3 C’s is leading their team: Caring, Courageous and Consistent. And here team refers to all the children of my school.

So, at last I would end up this, taking the great honour and also great responsibilities.

(Class - XI A)
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