Head Girls's Message

Session: 2018-19

School is a temple of learning. We as students tread the path of wisdom and knowledge and achieve our goals. The wings of righteousness, confidence and the conviction to complete our endeavours.

Though every year has brought me closer to my school, but this year 2018-19 holds a special place in my life. I have been selected to represent to my school in the capacity of school leader. I am grateful to our Principal, Teachers and students who found me capable enough to hold this post of prestige. I am committed to my school and will execute all my duties to the fullest.

Our guides, our principal and teachers have always been inspiration for students. They all have given us an ocean of opportunities to showcase our talents and channelize our energies. They all are the captain who steers this ship with complete dedication. We the crew have nothing to worry in the safe tenderise and gentle embrace of them.

To all the fellow students I would like to say that this school is the best place you will ever be in. This school gives us the opportunities to find our true selves and to nurture our talents by displaying them whether in academics, sports or co-curricular activities.

Value your school days, you will never get back but keep in mind the discipline and your aim of being successful human-: “Discipline is the building block of success.”

(Class - XII A)
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